Jackie Carson Hard Edge Acrylic Painting

Jackie Carson hard edge acrylic painting circa late 1970’s. This example of vibrant candy color hues is a wonderful abstract representation of the dessert sky and glow of the mountains typically seen in the southwest.
Please see Red’s other listings for many other works by Carson.

Steven Sles Oil on Linen Painting

Steven Sles oil on linen painting circa mid 1960’s. Sles was a handicapped painter who studied under Hans Hoffman and remarkably painted all his works with his mouth. This example has rich texture with wonderful use of color and movement. Red has recently acquired a number of Sles’ works including oil paintings, works on paper and prints. Please inquire for more information.

‘Night Forest Dancing’ Painting by Steven Sles

Early Steven Sles painting entitled ‘Night Forest Dancing’ circa 1957. Sles was a mouth painter who studied under Hans Hoffman.
This example has both movement and texture and is a rare early work by Sles. Please see our other listings for additional works by Sles.

Frame is 7/8″ thick

Massive Hand-Painted Foil and Lucite Collage

Large-scale hand-painted foil assemblage, circa early 1980s. This unusual example incorporates dozens of hand-painted strips of foil that interlock to form a woven type feel. It is housed in a 5″ deep Lucite frame. Unsigned.

8 Foot Mixed Media Panel by Jim Proctor

8′ mixed media panel by Jim Proctor circa early 1960’s. This monumental example was executed on Masonite and was carved into and painted in hues of grays silvers and golds. The sheer scale of this piece is impressive on top of the layering of color and texture. Red will be listing more examples of Proctors work in the coming weeks.