1. Where do you get your pieces from?
We travel extensively around the world and import them. People contact us from all over the US as well as abroad so our pieces come from various places.

2. Are these NEW pieces?
Typically we restore a majority of our pieces (refinishing and upholstery). So though they are period vintage pieces we refresh our pieces. One could consider them “good as new”…

3. Do you consign?
Typically we purchase things out right and are always interested in looking at items that are for sale.

4. If I want to sell something what do I do?
If you’re interested in selling to us, please send an email to [email protected], along with photos of the piece, dimensions, a description
of the item;  and price you’re asking, we will reply back to you promptly.

5. Do you do appraisals?
Yes, we do. There is a fee, which is determined by the amount of pieces that are being evaluated as well as the type of appraisal needed (resale, insurance, etc)

6. Do you do restoration for other people’s furniture?
On occasion we will take on outside work. You are more than welcome to email us a photo of the piece that needs work.

7. How long have you been in business?
We have been in this trade for over 15 years.

8. If I don’t see something that I want do you have a wait list if I’m looking for something specific?
Yes. We have a clientele list to contact people should we get in specific items. Also, We have 3 warehouses full of pieces and not all of the items are on the website. So please contact us.

9. How often do you get new things in?

10. How often do you update the website.
We update our site EVERY week on Tuesday.

11. Why does everything in your store say PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH?
Like an art gallery we have many very rare and unique one off pieces that we have collected and restored from around the world.

A MAJORITY of our pieces have been newly restored, so the wood has been been refinished which needs time to cure, leaning on it will leave a handprint which we will then need to re-refinish.

We do not have floor models so with the amount of traffic we have, our signs are directed at the people who are not truly interested in purchasing a rare designer piece of furniture.

BY all means when someone is truly looking for a specific piece with us they are welcome to sit and touch the piece.

Our signs are a courtesy for the person who is purchasing the piece, knowing that the item they are receiving has not been sat/handled on all day by people coming and going.

12. Is everything that you have in the store and warehouses on the website?
No, but we do update every week.

13. Do you sell bunk beds?

14. Do you sell mattresses or futons?

15. Do you sell bean bag chairs?