Jack Justice Painting #3

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Jack T. Justice (born 1941) was a student and follower of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Justice worked with Lloyd Wright, son of Frank, along with Bruce Goff, Wright’s disciple and conceptor of the Price Tower in Oklahoma. Justice’s highly colorful, precise geometric designs showed great talent and promise. Goff and Lloyd Wright, who had a design business together, encourgaged the career of Justice and hung his paintings in their offices in Los Angeles and Oklahoma and also placed them in buildings they designed. This painting, along with several other selections, came from a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Sedona, Arizona. Please inquire with Red about other available Jack Justice paintings.

Justice’s paintings were exhibited in the 1960s in several leading Los Angeles galleries: Heritage Gallery, 1954, Horowitz Gallery, l964, Paul Rivas Gallery, 1964 and Ghormley Gallery, 1965. His work was shown in 1965 at the San Diego Art Guild. He also had many one-person shows in Ventura and Santa Barbara, California, and had a collection exhibited in the Sedona Arizona Historical Art Museum in the early 2000’s.

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Dimensions 29 × 1.25 × 49 in