Jack Zajac Dark Patinated Bronze “Falling Water” Sculpture ‘Santa Cruz Series’

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Large-scale darkly patinated bronze “Falling Water” sculpture on granite base by California-based artist Jack Zajac. Red modern also has a non-patinated bronze version of this series available (see photo).
West-coast based modernist artist Jack Zajac (b. 1929), best known for works that traversed styles ranging from Surrealism to biomorphism, created his distinctive Santa Cruz series of free-standing sculptures titled “Falling Water” during the 1980s. This iconic work first developed from a series of small paintings focusing on water imagery that Zajac did in the 1970s while living in Italy. The resulting sculptures are a dynamic bridge between the logic of sculptural form and the ribbon-like movement of moving water found in nature.

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Dimensions 5 × 10 × 96 in