Nicolas Schöffer Polished Steel “Spatiodynamique 19” Sculpture, 1953

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“Spatiodynamique 19” polished steel sculpture from 1953 by Nicolas Schöffer (1936-1992). Schöffer was a Hungarian-born French cybernetic artist, often considered one of the godfathers of Kinetic sculpture, along with Jean Tinguely. He built his artworks on cybernetic theories of feedback interactivity. Schöffer’s spatiodynamic constructions began in the late 1940s and peaked in the 1950s. This large scale steel sculpture, a mapping of overlapping, interlocking grid-like patterns, reflects a post-painting synthesis of spatial and dynamic elements in good company with the Gropiusesque Bauhaus machine aesthetic.

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Dimensions 29 × 33 × 39.5 in